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Gallery Quick-Links

Odd One Out
A single C6M hauls just three hoppers through downtown Columbia in a move formerly relegated to much older and lesser power. 3/1/22, Columbia, SC

All Things Railroad (5 Galleries)

Color Guard, Windy City, Classic Scenes, Shapes, and SCRM
Serenity Now
It's rather difficult to find Spanish moss this far inland, but the environment of the Congaree river is uniquely conducive. Time to open a box of chocolates and see what you get. Just don't touch the moss; they have chiggers. 4/20/21, Columbia, SC

Beautiful South Carolina, & Beyond

Scenery, history, and beauty from all around the state, and even a bit beyond
Cooper's Corner
The angular back corner of Thomas Cooper Library is often overlooked, in favor of the main entrance with a reflecting pool or the interior, where the actual books are held

USC and USC Revival

A fresh and remarkable architectural vision for Gamecocks and non-Gamecocks alike

"The AV Connector"


NEW: Color Guard and Windy City Rails are both brand new- See where fallen flags and Chicagoland can take you!

Bonus: 10% of all sales from the SCRM gallery will be donated to the SCRM


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